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2 Things Meet Kevin Gets DEAD WRONG About the New Stimulus Proposal


Democrats have released the new stimulus proposal in the house, I made a video right when I heard about it, and after I put that video out, Meet Kevin also put up a video, and there are mistakes in his video about what the Democrats have proposed, that’s what happens when you don’t know how to read these things, and you put out a video real quick just to get the clicks.

Look, as a CPA, as a professional, I feel like I have an obligation to correct errors, especially errors on trending things that I know people are very curious about and are going to gain a lot of traction right now.

I know hundreds of thousands of people are going to watch Kevin’s video, and I know some things that he said in there are going to cause immense confusion, so I’m going to clear them up right now by taking you to the actual bill and showing you what the Democrats have proposed in these three-trillion dollar package.

Say I’m jealous or whatever, I don’t care, maybe I am jealous that clickbait and erroneous information is more popular on this platform than my accurate content, but the fact is that I take what I do here on YouTube very seriously, and I don’t want people to be misled, so I am going to call out mistakes as I see them, like I feel a real obligation to do this right now before this misinformation spreads too quickly, and maybe it already has I don’t know.

But before we get into Kevin’s recent video, let’s talk for a minute about how he was dead wrong for leading all of you on that the $2,000 a month was gaining traction, and that implying in this title that Trump and Republicans support it.

I mean, what a joke, not even Democrats are pushing for that in this bill.

Just like all these other YouTubers, talking about the $2,000 a month, getting millions of views off that, makes me sick.

But beyond that clickbait and it’s speculation, and that’s one thing, but making factual errors is something else entirely, and in Kevin’s recent video covering the new stimulus checks, he gets two things factually incorrect about what the Democrats are proposing, and I’m going to show you what Kevin said and then tell you why he’s wrong.

Take a look at this.

2:@4 “it would make you eligible for the first round of stimulus, now you would qualify for the original and the additional $1,200, so you would get $1,200 and the additional $1,200”

Wrong, Kevin, absolutely wrong.  This is not true.  If this bill were to miraculously pass, then whoever claimed these adult dependents would get $500 for them retroactively under the old stimulus and $1,200 under the new, the new round of $1,200 checks Democrats are proposing, right, $1,200 for you, $1,200 for your spouse, $1,200 up to three dependents of any age.

But for the old stimulus, you would not get $1,200 for these dependents retroactively for the old stimulus; you would still get the same $500, it’s just that more dependents qualify now for the old $500.

I’m going to jump behind my laptop now and show you what the law actually says and how it contradicts Kevin’s statement.

Next thing, about those with ITINs, Kevin says,

3:00 – now as far as somebody with an ITIN, they are still not eligible for the old stimulus check or the new one.

False, Kevin.

Once again, I’m going to jump behind my laptop and show you what the law actually says and how it contradict’s Kevin’s statement.

Where Kevin’s getting confused is that the Heroes Act still excludes non-resident aliens, but non-resident aliens aren’t the only ones who have ITINs.

So, look, keep watching him, I don’t care, just remember to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

And if you see people spreading these falsehoods that I assume they got from Meet Kevin’s video, please point them to this video, I would really appreciate it, as always please remember to spank the like button below so that we can together fight clickbait stimulus YouTubers and make sure that YouTube rewards accurate content rather than crappy clickbait.

I’m going to dig back into the HEROES Act and give you another update later today about what’s in there.

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