15 State Vaccination Giveaways! Some Are Giving Away $1,000,000 Prizes!


    Today I’m talking about these state vaccination giveaways, I’m going to go over some of the ones I’ve heard about, so 15 states or so, I’m sure there are some others out there because new ones seem to be popping up almost every day. 

    1. California

    First let’s talk about my home state, California, which has set aside over one hundred million dollars for their giveaway, and that money is going to go toward two different programs.

    First off, this was announced on May 27th, the next two million people to get vaccinated will receive a card for $50, which will either come as a virtual card or as a gift card to Kroger or Albertsons, they will automatically text or email you a code where you can choose your prize, so you don’t need to do anything special to qualify. And it seems that as long as you live in California and you’re at least 12 years old you should be eligible for that money.

    50 dollars times two million people equals one hundred million dollars, that’s most of the cash they’ve put into this program, but all state residents with at least one dose will also be entered into drawings for fifty thousand dollars, fifteen people will win on June 4th, another fifteen will win on June 11th, that’s another $1.5 million in vaccine incentives.

    And finally there will be one last drawing on June 15th, that will include ten prizes of $1.5 million each, so another $15 million, or one hundred and sixteen point five million total. You don’t need to do anything special to be entered in those drawings, everyone who has at least had their first shot will be eligible, so if you’re watching this before June 15th then you still have a chance to win one of those prizes.

    Of course if you haven’t already been vaccinated I would recommend making those plans soon, obviously to get some money, but also just to protect yourself and the people close to you so we can start getting back to normal life. 

    2. Colorado

    Another state that’s providing lottery entries for vaccinations is Colorado, their program is called Colorado Comeback Cash, and they’re offering a cash prize for adults as well as college scholarships for people aged 12 to 17 who get vaccinated before they stop taking new entries on June 30th.

    The first drawing will be on June 4th, they’ll be giving away one $1 million prize as well as five scholarships for $50,000 each, and there will be four more drawings for a total of $5 million in cash and $1.25 million broken up between 25 scholarships. You don’t need to do anything special to enter the contest other than just getting vaccinated, technically you need to have received your vaccination by midnight on the night before or the morning of the drawing.

    I can’t guarantee that you’ll be eligible the next morning if you get your dose late at night or something like that, but the best thing is just to get vaccinated as soon as possible and keep an eye out for those drawings on June 4th, June 11th, June 18th, June 25th, and July 7th. 

    3. Connecticut

    The third state that was offering a vaccine incentive is Connecticut, unfortunately this program shut down at the end of May, but people who had received at least one dose could take their vaccination card to a participating restaurant for one free drink as long as they purchased food.

    This was called Connecticut Drinks On Us, restaurants from around the state were allowed to sign up and start giving out drinks, but again it was only available through May 31st.

    4. Delaware

    Delaware’s vaccine lottery will be running twice a week from May 31st until the end of June, one drawing on Mondays and another on Fridays with prizes including $5,000 in cash, four-day vacation packages, scholarships to public colleges in Delaware for minors who have been vaccinated, and passes to things like state parks, concerts, and baseball games.

    On top of that people who get vaccinated during that time period should also receive a $10 gift card. Unfortunately the gift card may not be retroactive, so if you’ve already been vaccinated but you didn’t receive one then you may be out of luck, and similarly the weekly drawings are only available to those vaccinated between May 25th and June 29th, so if you were vaccinated before that time then you won’t be entered in for those prizes.

    On the other hand everyone in the state who has been vaccinated by June 29th will be eligible for the final drawing on June 30th, this one includes all vaccination dates, and they’ll be drawing one grand prize of $302,000 plus two low-number license plates, which are apparently like collector’s items. You do need to be a Delaware resident to be eligible for any of these, but there’s no registration process or anything like that, so just go ahead and get that shot and you should be added to the rolls automatically.

    5. Kentucky

    The next state that had a vaccine incentive is Kentucky, they’re one of several states that connected vaccinations to a lottery, but unlike the California program this one actually went through an existing state lottery.

    Again this one unfortunately ended on June 1st, but up until then people who were vaccinated at Walmart or Kroger received one of 225,000 coupons for a free lottery ticket, specifically an entry in the Kentucky Cash Ball, which would usually cost $1. Now the Kentucky Governor, Andy Beshear, actually said recently that they could be announcing another incentive program soon, he mentioned that they would be willing to pull ideas from some of the other states that have run these incentive campaigns.

    So at this point I don’t have anything to report, we haven’t heard any details, but if you live in Kentucky this is something to keep an eye on because there may be an official announcement in the coming days or weeks.

    6. Maine

    Maine is another state with an expired vaccination giveaway program, again theirs cut off at the end of May. Up until then anyone who had received at least one dose could choose from a set of seven rewards, you just had to fill out a form online and select what you wanted.

    The options were a free fishing license, hunting license, wildlife park pass, state park day pass, LL Bean gift card, Double A baseball ticket, or Oxford Plains Speedway pass, so hopefully some of you had the opportunity to take advantage of those rewards and get something for your vaccination.

    Again if not there’s always a chance that there will be more programs later on, and I will have an eye on these state programs to see if any more pop up in the near future.

    7. Maryland

    Next state is Maryland, fortunately their giveaway is still running, it started on May 25th and will be going all the way through the fourth of July.

    During that time there will be a new drawing every day for $40,000, that’s a total of 40 days. From there the fourth of July itself will be the 41st day, and there will be one final drawing for the grand prize of $400,000, which makes the total price tag $2 million.

    Now if you live in Maryland you don’t need to do anything specific to enroll in this program once you get that shot you will automatically receive an entry for every day that’s left in the giveaway.

    With that in mind you’re actually losing an entry each day you put it off, so if you’re interested in this I would recommend going in as soon as possible to maximize your chances of winning some of that cash.

    8. Minnesota

    Minnesota is offering a variety of incentives to state residents who get vaccinated, you do need to request a reward, but the program is open to the first 100,000 people who get their first shot and sign up on the website, link in the description of course, by the end of the month.

    There are a total of nine prize choices including $25 prepaid Visa cards, tickets to the zoo, state fair, Northwoods League Baseball, Great Lakes Aquarium, the Valleyfair amusement park, and Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe, along with fishing licenses and state park vehicle permits for any outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen out there.

    Anyone age 12 or older can sign up, of course you will need parent permission if you’re a minor, but the application only takes five or ten minutes, they just want to know your name, contact information, when and where you got vaccinated, et cetera.

    As I said you should be able to get one of those prizes as long as you’re one of the first 100,000 people to apply, and you only need to get your first dose, you don’t need to be fully vaccinated to request a prize. I can’t tell you when they’ll run out of those 100,000 rewards, so again I would just recommend getting vaccinated as soon as possible and filling out that form when you get back.

    9. New Jersey

    New Jersey started a program called “shot and a beer” on May 7th, this is another one that only ran through the end of May, but something like 50 breweries around the state were offering a free beer to anyone who brought in proof of their vaccination, unlike the Connecticut program there was no requirement to purchase food or anything like that, you could just bring in your vaccination card for one free beer.

    10. New Mexico

    The Governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, announced her state’s vaccine lottery on June 1st through a tweet which you can see here, there’s a total of $10 million in prizes, that includes 20 different prizes of $250,000 each, 4 of those at a time will be drawn weekly starting on June 18th, as well as a single grand prize worth $5 million which will be awarded around the beginning of August.

    This is one of the programs where you actually have to sign up in order to be eligible, you won’t be added automatically, there will be a link to the registration page in the description so don’t miss that if you’re planning to get vaccinated or you’ve already received your first dose.

    You only need your first dose to be eligible for those smaller prizes in the weekly drawings, you should be able to enter as soon as you get that first shot, but the final August drawing will be limited to those who are already fully vaccinated.

    Technically you aren’t fully vaccinated until two weeks after your second dose assuming you had the Moderna or the Pfizer vaccination, now the website doesn’t say anything more specific, but based on that you might need to get that second shot two weeks in advance of the drawing if you don’t want to miss out.

    In that case you would actually need to get your first shot pretty soon, there’s a minimum three-week waiting period between the first and the second, so if you get your first shot around the beginning of July then you probably won’t be fully vaccinated in early August when they run the drawing for $5 million.

    On the other hand they may just be using “fully vaccinated” to mean that you’ve had both shots, you’re on your way to being fully vaccinated, but again the website doesn’t clarify either way so I just want to let you know that that could be a possibility.

    11. New York

    New York is actually offering a couple different vaccine incentives to get people motivated, some of you may have seen that they were giving out tickets to Mets and Yankees games to people who got vaccinated at the stadium, and they were using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine at those locations so you would only have to go once and you would be on your way to full vaccination.

    Along with that the state is also running a program called Vax and Scratch which provides free Mega Multiplier Lottery tickets for people who get vaccinated at specific sites, usually those tickets would cost $20 each, so that’s a pretty good deal even if most people aren’t going to win anything.

    Now you don’t need to sign up or anything, I believe they will give you that ticket when you get the shot, but again there’s a list of ten sites that support this program, you can see the full list by clicking on the link in the description, so if you happen to live far away from those locations then it may not be worth going out of your way just to get that ticket.

    The Mega Multiplier prizes actually range all the way up to $5 million so there’s an opportunity to receive life-changing money just by getting this vaccination. If you live in New York City specifically you can even take advantage of some additional perks including your choice of a $25 gift card to NYC Public Markets, a membership at various places such as the Bronx Zoo, NY Aquarium, or Lincoln Center, or a ticket to things like Top of the Rock, Liberty Island visits, or even a ten-trip ferry pass.

    More specific instructions should be emailed to you once you get vaccinated in the city after May 25th. Overall New York, particularly New York City has one of the best vaccine incentive programs and I would definitely recommend getting that shot soon in order to get some of these benefits.

    12. Ohio

    Next up is Ohio, Ohio has one of the most famous vaccine incentives in the entire country, with weekly drawings for a total of 5 $1 million prizes plus 5 full-ride scholarships to a state school in Ohio, which is the prize for people aged 12 to 18. The first winners were announced on May 26th, the second on June 2nd, and there will be a new pair of winners each subsequent Wednesday until the program ends on June 23rd.

    Now one catch with this program compared to some of the other ones I’ve talked about is that there’s no automatic eligibility, after you get vaccinated you’ll still need to register on the giveaway website, there will be a link to that page in the description, so don’t forget to do that as soon as possible once you get your shot in order to make sure that you’ll be eligible for the remaining 3 drawings.

    13. Oregon

    Oregon’s lottery is a little different, it isn’t a weekly thing, it isn’t a ticket to some other lottery that already existed, it’s a special vaccine lottery funded by coronavirus relief money that the state received from the federal government. You will automatically be entered as long as you’ve been vaccinated by June 27th, the drawing itself will be held on June 28th, with one grand prize of $1 million plus a total of 36 $10,000 prizes.

    Now those $10,000 prizes are actually going out to a single winner in each county, so if you live in one of the less populated counties in Oregon you could actually have decent odds at $10,000, for example Wheeler County only has 1,440 people, I imagine fewer than 1,000 of those will be vaccinated adults, well that’s a pretty valuable lottery ticket. On the other hand Multnomah County includes Portland and some of the suburbs, still just the one $10,000 prize with over 800,000 people living there.

    There will also be a separate drawing with five $100,000 Oregon College Savings Plan contributions for vaccinated children age 12 to 17.

    14. Washington

    Washington State announced their vaccine incentives on June 3rd, the giveaway is called “Shot of a Lifetime,” and again there will be a link in the description for anyone who wants to read more about that program.

    The state government is planning to run one drawing per week for four weeks, the grand prize will be $250,000 for a total of $1 million, and they’re also giving money to universities and community colleges so that they can run their own drawings for scholarships.

    Along with the cash prizes there will be drawings for various tickets to games for the Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders, and other sports teams plus concerts, flights, et cetera, and Microsoft, Nintendo, Amazon, and Google are also planning to give out Xboxes, Switches, and other hardware.

    And finally there will be $1 million in gift cards given out at the local level, so again there are a lot of opportunities to win here if you’ve already been vaccinated. As long as you’re a Washington state resident you will automatically be entered into all of these drawings, the first one will be the week of June 7th so make sure to get that taken care of as soon as you have the opportunity.

    15. West Virginia

    Finally West Virginia was actually one of the first states to come up with an incentive program, they started offering a $100 savings bond or gift card to anyone age 16 to 35 who gets their vaccination.

    Now you do have to register for this program, it’s not like some of them where the money goes out automatically based on vaccination records, so if you live in West Virginia make sure to check the registration link in the description, it only takes a few minutes, and again any state resident is eligible as long as they are between age 16 and 35 and they have already been fully vaccinated.

    One thing here is that the limit isn’t technically age 35, the website says that they’re giving eligibility to everyone born after November 1st, 1984, well if you were born on November 2nd, 1984 then you would have turned 36 in 2020. On top of that program, which again was one of the first ones we heard about at the state level, Governor Jim Justice also announced a second program on June 1st, this one is more like the lotteries we’ve seen in other states.

    Again you need to be fully vaccinated to qualify, that’s another change from some other states that let you enter after your first dose, but there will be drawings all the way through August 4th so you still have time to get that shot and qualify for most if not all of the drawings.

    They’re planning to give away one grand prize of $1.588 million, a second prize of $588,000, and then a bunch of smaller prizes including hunting and fishing licenses, scholarships to West Virginia schools, and even custom hunting rifles and shotguns, which are one of the more unique prizes I’ve seen when looking through these various programs.

    I was able to track down a total of 15 states currently offering vaccination incentives, but more states are announcing similar programs every day, so there may be even more going by the time you see this video.

    Now on top of these state programs there are also a lot of things happening at the local level, so even if I didn’t mention your state in this video you should still check for information from your city or county government in case they’re offering any prizes, giveaways, lotteries, whatever.

    And of course if I missed anything that’s going on in your state, or if they announce some program after this video is published, please take a second to leave a comment and let other viewers know so they don’t miss out, again this is a developing situation so there could be five new programs out this time next week.


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